EUS Internship Program

EUS Internship Program

The EUS internship program provides students with experiential learning opportunities during the academic year and summer. The program aims to foster an understanding of how a liberal arts and sciences education applies to professional work, and provides students with a sense of career opportunities. An internship enhances student knowledge and skills development through a productive working experience with organizations in the Hudson valley, nationally and globally. Students formally present their work to EUS program faculty and students at the conclusion of the internship.

Finding your Internships

Use the resources below to find your ideal internship. 
  • Bard Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) Expand for Bard Center for Civic Engagement (CCE)
  • Bard Career Development Office (CDO) Expand for Bard Career Development Office (CDO)
  • Hudson River Valley Job Databases Expand for Hudson River Valley Job Databases
  • General Environmental Job Boards: Expand for General Environmental Job Boards:
  • Environmental Education/Outdoor Education/Experiential Education/Environmental Communication Expand for Environmental Education/Outdoor Education/Experiential Education/Environmental Communication
  • Agriculture and Food Internships Expand for Agriculture and Food Internships

Internship Recognition 

  • An Internship Approval form (above) must be submitted to the Curriculum Coordinator or Program Director prior to the start of your internship
  • An Internship Evaluation form (above) from you and your supervisor must also be submitted after your internship has been completed
  • Finally, you must give a brief presentation on the accomplishments and skills gained from your internship in order to receive recognition from the program

Funding Your Internship

Getting your internship funded helps pay for internship stipends, housing, and/or travel. Here some sources of funding below: