EUS Courses

EUS Courses

EUS Courses

EUS courses draw from the EUS program, from all four divisions of the college, and from the graduate program. Through the EUS Requirements, EUS students will experience the breadth of disciplines that address environmental and urban challenges while experiencing the depth of a focus area of their choice.  

Core Courses

The following courses are required of all EUS students.
  • EUS 101: Introduction to Environmental and Urban Studies
  • EUS 102: Introduction to Environmental and Urban Science
  • EUS 305: EUS Practicum
  • EUS COL: EUS Colloquium

Program Courses

The following are additional courses offered by EUS:
  • EUS 203: Geographic Information Systems
  • EUS 205 Planetary Consequences of Food Production
  • EUS 214: Environmental Monitoring: Saw Kill Water Quality
  • EUS 215 Food Systems: Human Health and Environmental Health
  • EUS 220: The Dust Bowl
  • EUS 221: Water
  • EUS 222: Air
  • EUS 226: Environmental Modeling
  • EUS 228 Environmental Politics
  • EUS 231: Buddhist Views of Nature
  • EUS 240: Advanced Readings in Environmental Science
  • EUS 307: Environmental Policy
  • EUS 311 Climate and Agroecology
  • EUS 315: Environment and Climate Policy
  • EUS 316: Waste
  • EUS 318: Land
  • EUS 319 Hudson Valley Cities and Environmental Injustice
  • EUS 322: The Politics of Solutions
  • EUS 324: Environmental Law for Policy
  • EUS 325: Politics and Power in Global Food Production
  • EUS 326: Science, Empire and Ecology: Botanical Voyaging

Cross-listed Courses

The following is a list of courses offered by other academic programs.
  • Division of Arts Expand for Division of Arts
  • Division of Languages and Literature Expand for Division of Languages and Literature
  • Division of Science, Mathematics, and Computing Expand for Division of Science, Mathematics, and Computing
  • Division of Social Studies Expand for Division of Social Studies