EUS Students

Featured EUS Students

Featured EUS Students

There is no typical EUS student—though each creatively and tenaciously pursues solutions to urban and environmental problems. Our students become farmers, scientists, planners, politicians, architects, activists, educators, and journalists. Each EUS student completes an internship during their time at Bard, and some of our students continue to graduate school, sometimes at Bard's Center for Environmental Policy. 

Here are some examples of students pursuing their academic interests and passions through the Environmental and Urban Studies program.

Matt Sprague


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Bard senior Matt Sprague is the first to admit that he did not have a plan when he came to Bard. "I knew I wanted a small school, but I didn't know what I wanted to major in, or what I was passionate about," he remembers. "What's really helpful here is that you can explore your own path. You get exposed to a lot."  Expand for Matt Sprague Expand

Tierney Weymueller


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When Tierney Weymueller first came to Bard for Language and Thinking, she was struck by how much was happening on campus. "I remember during L&T just being so amazed that we would go to hear the orchestra, then to the museum on campus, and then to go see a play. There were just so many different things going on all at once in this space that doesn’t really seem like it might, just from its location. I remember that being really exciting." Expand for Tierney Weymueller Expand

Sara Xing Eisenberg

Focus Area: Ecology and Conservation (joint major with Asian Studies)

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Sara Xing Eisenberg grew up in Manhattan and attended the Bard High School Early College (BHSEC). After four years immersed in BHSEC's advanced curriculum, she knew Bard was the next step. “I already had a sense of the academic life, with the small classes at BHSEC and great professors, so I wanted to continue that type of education.” All of Sara’s credits transferred to Bard, which opened up opportunities in her course schedule and even allowed her to work on her Senior Project abroad. Sara is now completing a joint major in Environmental and Urban Studies (EUS) and Asian Studies. Expand for Sara Xing Eisenberg Read More

Hannah Baird

Focus Area: Conservation Biology (Double Major in Music)

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Hannah Baird grew up in the small town of Homer, Alaska. "It's pretty much the middle of nowhere," she laughs. "A very quaint fishing village." As a singer, she was drawn to Bard's Music Program and Conservatory. She visited campus, took a tour, and met with members of the Bard faculty. "The professors wanted to interact with the students on a one-on-one basis, which was not the style of the education I grew up with. I was really drawn to that." Expand for Hannah Baird Read More

Xaver Kandler


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Xaver Kandler is a senior at Bard College studying Environmental and Urban Studies with a concentration on environmental justice. Xaver currently works for the 100 Days Initiative at Bard as a media fellow, connecting on-campus activism and media content with outside groups. Expand for Xaver Kandler Expand

Sarah Wallock


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Bard senior Sarah Wallock hails from Santa Barbara, California. Last year, the Environmental and Urban Studies major traveled through Morocco, Vietnam, and Bolivia, studying with the School for International Training, International Honors Program in Climate Change. Expand for Sarah Wallock Expand