Alice P. Doyle Award in Environmental Studies

An award given annually to a student who shows outstanding potential in the field of environmental studies, particularly in exploring the social dimensions of environmental issues.

2018: Katlin Stath
2017: Matthew Sprague
2016: Tierney Weymueller 
2015: John (Jackson) Rollings
2014: John (Jackson) Rollings
2011: Rachel Hyman 
2010: Melanie Kenney
2008: Katherine Burstein
2007: Thomas Davis
2007: Caroline Roszell 
2006: Caroline Roszell

Alice P. Doyle Prize in Environmental Studies 

A prize given annually to a graduating senior whose Senior Project illuminates the social dimensions of environmental studies.

2018: Julia Derby
2016: Alexander Graf
2015: Grace Dilberto
2014: Rosemary Ferreira
2011: Michael Ross Kauffman
2008: Marika Plater
2006: Daniel Katz

Berta and Harold J. Drescher Scholarship

2000: Shankar Gopalakrishnan
1997: Amy Parella 

Book Award for Excellence in Language Learning

2010: Melanie Kenney
2006: Eliza Montgomery 

Book Awards for Excellence in Language Learning - French

2008: Nolan Gardner

C.V. Starr Scholarship Fund

1996: Alejandra Silberman Anezin
1994: Alejandra Silberman Anezin

Christopher Wise '92 Award in Environmental Studies and Human Rights

An endowed award established in memory of Christopher James Wise '92, given through the generosity of his friends and family to support a student's internship in environmental studies and/or human rights.

2015: Xaver Kandler
2007: Lita-Iyaloo Naukushu 

Class of 1969 Award

An annual award given to a junior or senior who, in the judgement of the faculty and the dean of the college, has demonstrated a commitment to justice, peace, and social equity through scholarly pursuits, community involvement, and personal example.

2014: Jessica Lambert
2006: Maida Ives

Community Action Awards

Awards given to deserving students to pursue internships in their chosen field or area of interest related to civic engagement.

2015: Adelina Colaku (Andrew Goodman Foundation Intern)
2015: Alex Graf (Painted Turtle Intern, Hudsonia, Inc.) 
2015: Carl Amritt (Special Projects Intern, City of West Palm Beach, Florida)
2015: Nikita Minin (City of Kingston, Department of Planning)

Cristina Duarte Prize

2010: Erin Maglaque

Davis Projects for Peace Award

Projects for Peace is an initiative inspired by the late Kathryn W. Davis, an accomplished internationalist and philanthropist. Upon the occasion of her 100th birthday in February of 2007, Mrs. Davis, mother of Shelby M.C. Davis who funds the Davis UWC Scholars Program, chose to celebrate by committing $1 million for one hundred Projects for Peace.

2015: Zoe Kasperzyk
2014: Lia Soorenian

Don Parker Scholar

2007: Lilah Steece

Dr. Marian Eisenberg Rudnick Dunn Scholarship

A scholarship named in honor of Dr. Marian Eisenberg Rudnick Dunn '60 and awarded annually to a black or Hispanic student or a student from Brazil with a record of academic distinction.

2014: Rosemary Ferreira

Dyson Foundation Scholarship

Scholarships for qualified and deserving students from the Mid-Hudson Valley.

2018: Michael Callejo & Elinor Stapylton

Elsie and Otto Faerber Scholarship

1997: Shiloh Burton

Eric Warren Goldman Scholarship

1995: Joshua Miller

Finisdore Family Scholarship

An endowed scholarship established by Marcia Finisdore, mother of Elizabeth Ann Finisdore Rejonis '89, to provide financial assistance to talented and deserving students.

2018: Rory Kuczek

George I. Alden Scholarship

An endowed scholarship providing annual support to deserving students.

2015: Carl Amritt
2014: Jennifer Gillen
2010: Bridget Hallowell
2005: Caroline Roszell 
2006: Caroline Roszell 
1999: Amy Parrella 

Graduating Student Athletes

Bard College wishes to acknowledge the following graduates for their participation in the athletics program. Their pursuit of physical as well as academic excellent demonstrates their commitment to a well-rounded education.

2015: Maia Gokhale 
2014: Lia Soorenian 

Harry J. Carman Memorial Scholarship

2006: Caroline Roszell 

Hayden E. Walling '39 Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship established by Bartlett E.S. Chappell '37 as a memorial to the kindness and generosity of Hayden E. Walling '39, who provided similar assistance during his time at Bard.

2014: Virginia Hanusik

Heinrich Bluecher Scholar

A scholarship in memory of Heinrich Bluecher, awarded annually for study at Bard to a worthy and qualified first-, second-, or third-year student.

2018: Xaver Kandler
2017: Xaver Kandler

Heinz and Elizabeth Bartelsmann Award

2000: Shankar Gopalakrishnan
1999: Andrea Davis 
1998: Virginia Doellgast
1997: Virginia Doellgast
1996: Shiloh Burton 
1995: Alejandra Silberman Anezin
1994: Sara Forrest 
1991: Jennifer Poitras

Hudsonia Prize

A prize awarded each year by Hudsonia Ltd. to a qualified and deserving student showing promise in the field of environmental studies.

2018: Tierney Weymueller & Elinor Stapylton
2016: Yuejiao "Wendi" Wan 
2015: Melissa Guevara
2014: Gowri Varanashi
2008: Evan Goldman 
2002: Daniel Nye
2001: Tanessa Hartwig
2000: Kathryn Scullion
2000: Amanda Thimmayya
1998: Amy Parrella 
1999: Katherine Mini
1993: Jason S. Van Driesche
1991: Bethia Waterman 

I. Brewster Terry III Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship established and endowed in 1987 by the classmates, friends, and family of I. Brewster Terry III '38, in his name and memory, and awarded to students in the Upper College whose commitment to liberal learning manifests itself in distinguished work in both the classroom and the College community.

2014: Virginia Hanusik
1994: Alejandra Silberman Anezi

Jacob Druckman Memorial Prize

2011: Erica Forsyth 

James Cox Chambers '81 Jubilee Scholarship

2011: David Gookin

Jane Emily Lytle and Almon W. Lytle II Senior Project Research Award

An award given to one or more seniors who have moderated in American studies, historical studies, or environmental and urban studies to provide support for Senior Project research, including travel, materials, books, and conference fees.

2018: Sara Xing Eisenberg
2016: Coriana Johnson 
2015: Burton (Jack) Hanly
2015: Katherine Rose

John Bard Scholars Prize

Honorary prizes awarded annually by the faculty of each division of the College to not more than two students in each division for outstanding academic achievement in the field of major interest.

2018: Xaver Kandler (Social Studies)
2014: Ian "Jack" Magnusson (Social Studies)
2010: Erica Forsyth (The Arts)
2000: Shankar Gopalakrishnan 

Junior Fellowship Program Award

2008: Tina Doran 

Leon Levy Foundation Scholarships

2004: Jessica Tartanian 
1999: Andrea Davis

Lockwood Prizes for Greatest Contribution/Intellectual Life

1999: Andrea Davis 
1998: Ruby McAdoo
1993: Jason S. Van Driesche

Margaret Creal Shafer Prize in Composition

2011: Erica Forsyth 

Marie McWilliams and Francis X. McWilliams '44 Scholar

Established by Marie McWilliams and her brother Francis X. McWilliams '44 in appreciation of the education and learning imparted to him.

2018: Eliot Meyer
2017: Eliot Meyer

Mary and Richard Sugatt Scholar

1998: Amy Parrella

Milners Fund Fellowship in Population Studies

2011: Tupgon Tudenggongbu
2010: Katherine Galbraith 
2009: John Stapleton
2008: Altje Hoekstra
2007: Yan Min Aung
2006: Suzanne Zakowski
2005: Stuart Banashek 
2004: Katrina Howey
2002: Daniel Nye
1995: Maria Tysiachniouk

Murray G. and Beatrice H. Sherman Scholarship

A scholarship to a deserving student who demonstrates academic excellence and financial need.

2014: Katherine Sopko

Nancy Mathews '64 Internship Fund

2008: Lisa Jaccoma 
2007: Alicia Messier

Naomi Bellinson Feldman '53 Internship Award

2008: Tina Doran 
2007: Lita-Iyaloo Naukushu

Newcomer Awards

Awards given to first-year student athletes who have had significant impacts on their athletics program.

2018: Katherine Esposito
2015: Hannah Conley & Nick Shenberger 
2008: Erica Forsyth

Oliver Lundquist Scholarship in Social Justice

2007: Maida Ives 

Patricia Ross Weis '52 Scholarship

Created in honor of longtime trustee Patricia Ross Weis '52 and awarded annually to talented students who have excelled in Moderation in the social sciences and who uphold Bard's values by ensuring a strong community.

2018: Tierney Weymueller
2017: Tierney Weymueller


Presidential Team Achievement Award - Women's Tennis Team

2007: Lita-Iyaloo Naukushu

Presser Undergraduate Scholar Award

2010: Erica Forsyth 

Rachel Carson Prize

Honors the outstanding Senior Project in environmental and urban studies that reflects Carson's determination to promote biocentric sensibility.

2018: Tierney Weymueller
2016: Noah Keyishian
2015: Elizabeth (Lizzy) Winig
2011: Melanie Kenney 
2009: Katherine Burstein

Raptors Award

2008: Kylie Collins 

Reamer Kline Award

An award given anonymously by an alumnus of the College to deserving students who, in the judgment of the president, best perpetuate the high ideals, devotion, and energetic involvement in the life and work of the College exemplified by Dr. Kline during his 14 years as president of Bard. 

2018: Emma Donohue

Richard D. and Nancy M. Griffiths Scholarship

A scholarship established by longtime Director of Buildings and Grounds Dick Griffiths and his wife, Nancy, for a talented and deserving student who has shown a deep appreciation for the Bard campus and an interest in environmental matter.

2015: Carl Amritt
2009: Bartosz Starodaj

Robbins-ECAC Female Scholar Athlete Award

2010: Erica Forsyth 

Robert Koblitz Human Rights Award

An award established in 1987 by Bard alumnai/ae who are former students of Robert Koblitz, professor emirtus of political studies, in his name and honor, and given annually to members of the Bard community--student, faculty, administration, or staff--whose work demonstrates an understanding of and commitment to democracy.

2014: Virginia Hanusik
2000: Shankar Gopalakrishnan
1995: Sara Forrest 

Senior Athletic Award

2015: Maia Gokhale 

Seniors to Seniors Prize

A prize awarded by the Lifetime Learning Institute, a continuing-education program for senior citizens on the Bard campus, to support undergraduates in the preparation of their Senior Projects.

2014: Rosemary Ferreira
2010: Erin Maglaque

Sportsmanship Award

2009: Kylie Collins

Stephen P. Snyder Scholarship

2006: Caroline Roszell 

Symons Foundation Scholarship for Animal Welfare

2008: Thomas Serino 

Team Scholar Athlete Award - Women's Cross Country Team

2009: Erica Forsyth
2009: Kylie Collins
2008: Erica Forsyth 
2008: Kylie Collins 

The AMICUS Foundation Scholarship

1995: Alicia Collins 

The Antonio Gramsci Prize

2001: Shankar Gopalakrishna

The Class of 1968 Scholarship

1999: Andrea Davis 

The Heinrich Bluecher Prize

2003: Daniel Nye

The Jerome Levy Economics Institute Scholarship

1998: Virginia Doellgast 
1997: Virginia Doellgast 
1996: Virginia Doellgast 

The Levy Economics Institute Prize

2009: Katherine Burstein 

The Lyford P. Edwards Memorial Prize

1999: Marina Smerling 

The Photography Scholar

An endowed scholarship to benefit a talented and deserving student who is studying photography.

2017: Franklin Savulich

Thomas Thompson Trust Scholarship

2003: Sarah Kasten 
2002: Sarah Kasten 

Werner Wolff Scholar

1984: Daphne Ross

William Vogt '25 Memorial Prize in Ecology

2017: Sara Xing Eisenberg
2007: Lita-Iyaloo Naukushu
2005: Jivian Lee
2001: Rebecca Hein
2000: Amanda Thimmayya
1996: Christopher Martz