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Tom O'Dowd
Program Administrator

Environmental and Urban Studies Program
Bard College
PO Box 5000
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504

EUS Course List

EUS courses are found in the EUS program itself, the graduate program, and all four divisions.

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Environmental and Urban Studies (EUS): Current Courses

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Social Studies
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Language & Literature

For a list of all EUS and EUS cross-listed courses in one place, check the table below (subject to change):

Environmental and Urban Studies (EUS) courses
EUS COL EUS Colloquium faculty
EUS 101 Intro to Environmental & Urban Studies Kris Feder
EUS 102 Intro to Environmental & Urban Science Elias Dueker
EUS T200 Farm Tutorial Jennifer Phillips
EUS 203 Geographic Information Systems faculty
EUS 210 The Global Future of Food Michael Specter
EUS 205 … Consequences of Food Production Gidon Eshel
EUS 221 Water Elias Dueker
EUS 240 Advanced Readings in Envir. Science Gidon Eshel
EUS 305 EUS Practicum O'Dowd or faculty
Social Studies division courses cross-listed with EUS
ANTH  101 Intro to Cultural Anthropology Suzuki
ANTH 111 Archaeological Field Methods Lindner
ANTH 148 African Encounters Bick
ANTH 212 Historical Archaeology: Bard Lands Lindner
ANTH 221 Ecologies of the Modern State Stamatopoulou-Robbins
ANTH 249 Travel, Tourism & Anthropology Kunreuther
ANTH 265 Race and Nature in Africa Suzuki
ANTH 325 Environment, Development and Power Suzuki
ANTH 337 Cultural Politics of Animals Suzuki
ECON 115 Economic Dimensions of World Issues DeSilva
ECON 140 Evolution of Economic Systems Feder
ECON 206 Economics from the Ground Up Feder
ECON 221 Economics of Developing Countries DeSilva
ECON 226 Urban and Regional Economics Feder
ECON 229 Statistics Chung
ECON 230 Research Methods in Economics  Mitra 
ECON 237 Economics of the Public Sector  Green-Armytage
ECON 242 Ecological Economics Feder
ECON 263 Population Economics and Demography DeSilva
ECON 321 Microeconomics of Development DeSilva
ECON 330 Seminar in Geoclassical Economics Feder
ECON 331 International Migration Mitra
ECON 342 Economics of Food and Fuel Feder
HIST 112 Three Cities: A History of Lagos, Nairobi, and Johannesburg Thompson
HIST 139 City Cultures Armstead/Kuznitz
HIST 150 American West in Film, Fact, & Fiction Lytle
HIST 161 Hist. of Technology & Economics Moynahan
HIST 169 The City in the Modern Age Kuznitz
HIST 2014 History of New York City Kuznitz
HIST 2125 Cultural Capital, Paris 1715-1873 Ewing
HIST 2253 Ecological History of the Globe Stroup
HIST 2302 Shanghai & Hong Kong: … Global Cities Culp
HIST 2308 China’s Envir. In Historical Perspective Culp
HIST 280A American Environmental History I Lytle
HIST 280B American Environmental History II Lytle
HIST 302 Environmental Diplomacy Lytle
HIST --- World War II and the Cold War: Research Lytle
HIST 3112 PLAGUE! Stroup
HIST 3132 History of Urban Schooling in the US Lagemann
HIST 3141 The City and Modernity in Central Europe Moynahan
HIST 3146 Envir. In History in Mid-East & Africa Derr
HIST 3237 Making Space in Colonial & Post-C. World Derr
HIST 367 The Sixties Lytle
PHIL 256 Environmental Ethics Berthold
PS 208 Political Economy Baruah
PS 370 The Politics of Population Control faculty
PS 373 Human Rights and the Environment Segarra
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology Egan
SOC 121 Environment and Society Klein
SOC 138 Introduction to Urban Sociology Klein
SOC 205 Intro to Research Methods Elmelech
SOC 269  Globalization, Social Conflict, and Citizenship Klein
Science division courses cross-listed with EUS
BIO 112 Biology of Infectious Disease Ferguson
BIO 127 Intro to the Insects Johns
BIO 141 Subcellular Biology Ferguson
BIO 144 Biostatistics Hsiao
BIO 145 Environmental Microbiology Jude
BIO 150 Evolution of Model Organisms Johns
BIO 152 Biodiversity Keesing
BIO 153 Global Change Biology Robertson
BIO 202 Ecology and Evolution Robertson
BIO 315 Advanced Evolution Johns
BIO 415 Ecology of Infectious Diseases Keesing
CHEM 141 Basic Principles of Chemistry I faculty
CHEM 142 Basic Principles of Chemistry II faculty
CHEM 301 Principles of Chemical Analysis faculty
PHYS 124 Climate Change Eshel
PHYS 234 The Atmosphere and Ocean in Motion Eshel
PHYS 314 Thermal Physics Deady
Language & Literature division courses cross-listed with EUS
LIT 2006 Imagining Environ. in English Lit & Culture d’Albertis
LIT 2039 Nature Fakers: Environment in American Literature Benson
LIT 214 Cairo Through Its Novels Ramadan
LIT 2151 St. Petersburg: City as Text Day
LIT 2312 Louisiana Sullivan
LIT 2316 Reading and Writing the Natural World Rogers
LIT 2483 Urbanization in the 19th Century Novel Graham
LIT 3015 After Nature: Imagining World without Us d’Albertis
LIT 3308 Reading and Writing the Hudson Rogers
Arts division courses cross-listed with EUS
ARTH 115 The Classical Tradition in Western Arch. Pardo-Minsky
ARTH 125 Introduction to Themes in Western Architecture faculty
ARTH 126 Architecture since 1945 faculty
ARTH 201 Greek Art and Architecture Pardo-Minsky
ARTH 210 Roman Art and Architecture Pardo-Minsky
ARTH 220 Early Medieval Art & Architecture Boivin
ARTH 221 Romanesque & Gothic Art & Architecture Boivin
ARTH 223 Wild Visions: Picturing Nature Merriam
ARTH 225 Land into Landscape: Environment, Art, and Design in America Rosenbaum
ARTH 227 Roman Urbanism from Romulus to Rutelli Pardo-Minsky
ARTH 235 A Tale of Two Cities faculty
ARTH 240 Rights and the City faculty
ARTH 248 Roma in Situ Pardo-Minsky
ARTH 259 … History of Sustainable Urbanism faculty
ARTH 283 Architectural Modernism faculty
ARTH 286 Spanish Art and Architecture Marriam
ARTH 332 Villas of the Hudson Valley Pardo-Minsky
ARTH 342 Rome, Paris and London Napoli
ARTH 345 Michelangelo Pardo-Minsky
ARTH 378 Topics in Contemporary Architecture faculty
ART 106 Sculpture I: Fluid Dynamics Driscoll
Graduate courses cross-listed with EUS
CSP 511 Science of Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Climate Change Phillips
CSP 515 Climate Policy and Law I Segarra

Course Catalogue

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Introduction to Environmental and Urban Studies

Kris Feder

Environmental Ethics

Public Sector Economics

American Environmental History: The Wilderness Era

American Environmental History: The Age of Ecology

Seminar in Geoclassical Economics

History Seminar in Environmental Diplomacy